Nizam Club

Saifabad, Hyderabad


The club was established in the month of Aban 1293 Fasli, under the patronage of H.E.H. the Nizams Government, and owes its origin to a desire to provide a first class club, managed on western lines to which gentlemen of culture and position could be admitted irrespective of race, and creed on terms of social equality.The club registered under the A.P. Societies Act of 1951 and the club is the first society registered in A.P.The elected body consisting of President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Joint Secretary, and 6 members of the Managing Committee maintains the club.The Membership of the club shall be open to all persons with out any distinction of religion, race, caste or sex, subject to the provision of the club rules.The club runs its all activities with no profit, no loss motto.

Other Information

The club maintaince its decipline and decoram as per the club rules to use the club facilities by family gatherings.The aims and objects of the club are to provide a central place for the residents of the city to meet during leisure hours to take part in indoor and outdoor games and to increase unity and feelings of cordiality among officials, non-officials, Jagirdars and nobles of the Dominions. The club is located in the heart of the twin cities opposite to A.P. State Assembly Hall.surrounded in 4 acres land.

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