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When great leaders are remembered and their memories rejoiced as in here it is Teachers’ Day, such deeds imbibe in us the same qualities of Leadership. But to emerge as a great leader, certain ‘I’ngredients are essential to influence us. These ‘I’s of leadership are:- INSIGHT INITIATIVE INSPIRATION INVOLVEMENT IMPROVISATION INDIVIDUALITY IMPLEMENTATION. Leadership in its essence is a combo of emotional intelligence and appropriate communication skills. Other people make the Leader out of the Right Person, at the Right Place, at the Right Time. Children emulate parents, teachers and elders surrounding them. Teens in their impressionable age need mentors,gurus and adult friends as role models at the crossroads of their life. With changing times, caution is often wrongly understood as inhibited act and attitude turning the brave new world topsy-turvy with bravado. To resolve this Catch 22 situation, patriotic, gallant and wise footsoldiers of India from the military and civilian communities have bridged together the relationship of ‘the buddy with the gen-next’. Methodology of GURUCOOL The methodology of GURUCOOL is interactive and hands-on with Situational Exercises, Group Activity and Case Studies, with Role Plays and Experience Sharing by both the mentors and the campers. The challenges will include simulation of environments, survival in the outdoors and strategic mind-body games on an adventure course. The camp will be residential and will bring back everyone to the basics in a neutral setting. The 2 day Outdoor Experiential Learning is the first stepping stone to self-discovery that will connect the mind to the body and help resolve internal conflicts in a near-nature environment. It will show the way to the youth as recognisable figure in effect to actions that occur. Leadership is acknowledged only when it is seen. Leadership is also about achieving things with support of others. Leadership is best described as the attitude and behaviour they would like to emulate. It is all about a special relationship between the leading and those who are lead. Experiential Learning and Outward Bound Activity Team Building Trust Motivation Confidence Building Communication Concentration Leadership Time Management Goal Setting Conflict Resolution Benefits Beyond Doubt M3 rewards participants with a mind without fear Body and soul which discover competency growth with positive emotions The inner-voice that accelerates decisions and aligns plans for performance Coordination and co-relation to turn around conflicts into positive results. Who Must Get There – Be there – Conquer There !! Performers who aim to be Achievers! This camp is not a training program but an academy to hone skill sets. Thus, children who are sponsored are invested upon for rich dividends through Collaboration, Teamwork & Leadership. The Investment-Rs 6,000/- per head.The cost is inclusive of the experiential to GURUCOOL and back.

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